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Non-Invasive Treatment of Skin Cancer

Fractional Non-Ablative Laser For The Treatment of Skin Cancers

Dr. Robinson is improving skin cancer prognosis and treatment with little to no-downtime, scarring, or bleeding and functional & cosmetic results that are superior to cold steel excision & MOHS.

Patients on anticoagulant therapy do not have to stop their medication before treatment, therefore not increasing their risk for stroke and/or heart attack, quick healing, & no risk of post-operative complications!

This treatment is especially great for actors/actresses or professionals in the public eye who can't afford downtime or a scar, athletes or weekend warriors who want to continue their workouts unencumbered and helpful with infirm or older patients who are not able to perform extensive wound care and withstand the rigors of a skin flap or graft.

Using non-ablative fractional laser therapy, at adaptive settings, offers a gentle approach to treating pre-cancerous skin growths and therefore help prevent future skin cancer by 60-70%. Given that skin cancer is the most prevalent cancer in the United States, affecting more than 3 million Americans a year, just two using non-ablative fractional laser therapy. Treatments 2-4 weeks apart provides a major advancement in skin cancer prevention. In addition, given the likelihood of future basal or squamous cell carcinomas in individuals with a history of a prior skin cancer, using non-ablative fractional laser therapy. Treatment dramatically reduces the risk of subsequent skin cancer and skin cancer recurrence.

Non-ablative fractional laser already demonstrated remarkable success with minimal downtime & discomfort as a gentle yet effective treatment of actinic keratosis (AK), the most common type of pre-cancerous skin conditions. Other benefits to using non-ablative fractional laser therapy is it's ability @ ameliorating photo damage, utilizing precise photothermolysis to stimulate collagen and elastin production, promote dermal wound healing, improving hyperpigmentation (brown spots) skin tone, skin laxity, and roughness. Now we can add the using non-ablative fractional laser therapy as the up and coming gold standard to the treatment of certain skin cancers!

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