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Earlobe Repair / Torn Earlobes

Does your torn or expanding earring hole(s) cause you to worry about loosing an earring?  If you are feeling limited because the hole is too big to accommodate some of your favorite earrings then Earlobe repair may be a solution for you.  It is an easy in office procedure that restores your earlobe in about 30 minutes.  

The dermatology practice of Bruce Robinson, M.D., offers advanced procedures including earlobe repair to not only improve your profile but restore self-confidence. If you would like to learn more about this exciting procedure or any of our other services, contact us today to schedule your initial consultation!

About Earlobe Repair

All patients have very distinctive reasons for considering earlobe repair. Accidents can occur at any given time in one’s life that may result in traumatized tissue.  An earring could get caught up in a piece of clothing and cause a tear. Heavy or large jewelry can lead to stretched or enlarged earlobes with consistant wear. Whatever your reason may be, earlobe repair surgery can be performed to either remedy the earlobes natural appearance or to correct a tear, stretch, scar, or damage from a previous piercing or accident.

How Soon Can I Re-pierce My Ear(s) After An Earlobe Repair

Usually 6 - 8 weeks you can re-pierce your ear(s). We offer ear piercing in our office.

We use the Coren PS ear piercer which painlessly pierces your earlobes and inserts a sterile, hypoallergenic, 24k gold ear stud.

  • Professional, quick, painless and safe earpiercing
  • Ready-to-use, one step ear piercing system is laboratory tested, packaged, and sealed
  • Hypoallergenic studs and clasps are individually sealed with disposable earpiercer - avoiding any concern of cross contamination.
  • Available for adults and children

Link to ear piercing instruction sheet

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