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Erbium Laser

Erbium laser treatments are ideal for the improvement of wrinkles, acne scars, sun damage and brown spots. While this treatment provides a more youthful appearance it usually requires a week of down time.

FraxelŽ DUAL Laser

 The Fraxel® DUAL Laser system has the unique advantage of two treatment modes/wave lengths in one Laser.  This non-surgical procedure smooths wrinkles and scars, improves texture , tone, elasticity, color and also minimizes pore size.  The Fraxel® DUAL Laser uses patented fractional technology to target sun damaged skin.  The laser treats only a fraction of tissue at a time, leaving the surrounding tissue untouched, which promotes rapid healing. This stimulates your body's own natural healing process, replacing the old and damaged cells with fresh, glowing, healthy skin.  The result is more youthful, radiant skin with minimal down time.  Any area of the body can be treated:  face, chest, neck and hands.

Hoya ConBio Medlite Q-switched Nd:Yag Laser

The Medlite laser is the best choice for brown spot and tattoo removal. It has been compared to taking a pencil eraser and removing years from the appearance of your skin. The Medlite Laser effectively removes brown age spots, "liver spots", freckles and other brown birthmarks, such as cafe-au-lait spots and Nevus of Ota.


Laser Hair Removal

Dr. Robinson offers GentleLase and GentleYag hair removal options. The GentleLase Laser is the gold standard for hair removal in caucasions. The GentleYag laser is the gold standard for laser hair removal in patients of color or tanned skin and is also an excellent treatment for facial, leg, spider veins and hemangiomas. These treaments also provide excellent results in the removal of brown spots such as sun spots (liver spots) and flat benign brown keratoses. Candela's (the makers of the GentleLase) patented Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) technology protects the upper layers of your skin with a cooling mist. Together, the long-pulse laser and DCD cooling offer optimal treatment with minimal side effects.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

This treatment is excellent for acne scarring as well as sun damaged or aged wrinkled skin. The laser vaporizes the damaged skin and commences the regeneration of fresh skin during the following weeks. The thermal heating of the deep tissue stimulates new skin growth, promoting a healthy new collagen layer. This is usually accompanied by a week of healing time.

Laser Skin Tightening

The GentleYAG Laser uses a light beam that penetrates deeply into the skin resulting in tighter, smoother looking skin.

V-Beam Laser - Pulsed Dye Laser

Pulsed Dye Lasers deliver an intense but gentle burst of light into selectively targeted areas of the skin. The light is absorbed by specific blood vessels or pigment depending on the condition being treated. The cosmetic results are magnificent and there are no open wounds or wound care.

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     The Fraxel® DUAL Laser system has the unique advantage of two treatment modes/wave lengths in one Laser.  This non-surgical procedur...
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