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Surprising Things That Can Increase Sun Sensitivity SEARCH ARTICLES

US News and World Report recently interviewed Dr Bruce Robinson for an article entitled: "Surprising Things That Can Increase Sun Sensitivity"


"Many people realize they're exposed to more of the sun's ultraviolet rays when they go to the beach, a lake or a pool because the water and sand reflect sunlight onto the skin. This creates indirect exposure to UV rays, in addition to the direct exposure you get from the sun beating down on your skin. You also may know that UV exposure is greater in the mountains where the air is thinner and the sun's rays are more intense. This is all true, and it's a call for extra protection for your skin.

But it's a mistake to overlook less well-known factors that can increase your skin's exposure and/or sensitivity to the sun's harmful rays. Certain medications, foods, skin care products and other agents can cause photosensitivity, a chemically-induced change in the skin that makes it unusually sensitive to sunlight. Think of it this way: The agents that create photosensitivity contain chemicals that are "like gunpowder, and UV radiation is the match that causes the reaction to happen," explains Dr. Bruce Robinson, a dermatologist in New York City. "When UV light hits that chemical, it causes a reaction like an explosion in the skin, and you get damage."


Read the full article here:

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