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What To Do When The Bedbugs Bite?

Here's valuable information from Prevention magazine, featuring expert advice from Dr Bruce Robinson:


Bedbug bites can cause extreme irritation, discomfort, and even insomnia stemming from anxiety about being bitten while asleep.

The first important step: figure out if your bites were in fact from a bedbug. Most look like hives -- a red lesion with a white center, says Bruce Robinson, a clinical instructor of dermatology at Lenox Hill hospital in New York City. In many cases, the bites will show up three in a row—“breakfast, lunch and dinner,” as Robinson puts it. But there's no one way to know for sure. Robinson recommends seeing a dermatologist asap, to get the bites properly identified—and fast. "This can prevent others in your household from getting the same bites and lead to a faster extermination of the bedbugs,” he says. “Also, your dermatologist might prescribe topical steroid creams to help with the bites’ constant itching, preventing the risk of a secondary infection.”

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